Saturday 10 October 2020

Canada coronavirus death toll is 9,608

Coronavirus COVID-19 cases are surging in certain parts of Canada. Restrictions are now returning.

Canada now has total Coronavirus cases of 180K. 151K cases have recovered. There have been 9,608 deaths.

New modelling shows that by next week, Canada could hit 198K COVID-19 cases.

Worldwide, the total Coronavirus cases are 37.1M. 25.8M cases have recovered. There have been 1.07M deaths.

As Canada enters the first Thanksgiving long weekend with the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, the important message is that everyone should stay home and have fewer people around them in their personal circle.

Unfortunately, the forecast says that the spread of the virus will accelerate. In Ontario Province, strict new restrictions are mandatory as of midnight Friday in 3 hot spot regions: Toronto, Peel and Ottawa.

There will be no indoor dining at restaurants and bars. Other places will be closed: gyms, casinos and movie theatres. As of Tuesday, all wedding receptions will be cancelled. These restrictions will remain in effect for 28 days.

In the USA, unfortunately Coronavirus COVID-19 is now the 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Case numbers are increasing again. Some hospitals are running out of hospital beds.

Unfortunately, in England new cases are now doubling every week. French hospitals are beginning to run out of ICU beds. Spain has declared a state of emergency in Madrid. It seems that the autumn is going to have many more new restrictions.

The following information is according to the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

Total Global Confirmed Cases: 37,105,925

Countries with most confirmed cases:

7,717,932 USA
6,979,423 India
5,055,888 Brazil
1,278,245 Russia
0,902,747 Colombia
0,883,882 Argentina
0,861,112 Spain
0,846,088 Peru
0,814,328 Mexico
0,732,434 France
0,690,896 South Africa
0,593,565 United Kingdom
0,496,253 Iran
0,479,595 Chile
0,400,124 Iraq
0,377,073 Bangladesh
0,349,494 Italy
0,338,944 Saudi Arabia
0,336,926 Philippines
0,334,031 Turkey
0,328,952 Indonesia
0,323,463 Germany
0,318,932 Pakistan
0,289,875 Israel
0,263,105 Ukraine
0,182,767 Canada
0,173,894 Netherlands
0,156,931 Belgium
0,152,403 Romania
0,149,841 Morocco
0,146,828 Ecuador
0,138,463 Bolivia
0,127,778 Qatar
0,121,638 Poland
0,119,666 Panama
0,118,014 Dominican Republic
0,114,005 Czechia
0,110,568 Kuwait
0,108,757 Kazakhstan
0,105,684 Nepal
0,105,133 United Arab Emirates
0,104,387 Egypt
0,104,129 Oman
0,098,451 Sweden
0,097,544 Guatemala
0,090,778 China
0,088,962 Japan
0,087,439 Costa Rica
0,085,574 Portugal
0,083,429 Ethiopia
0,083,146 Honduras
0,082,471 Belarus
0,082,453 Venezuela
0,075,287 Bahrain
0,061,762 Moldova
0,060,776 Uzbekistan
0,060,368 Switzerland
0,060,103 Nigeria
0,057,866 Singapore
0,055,736 Armenia
0,054,423 Austria
0,052,940 Algeria
0,052,558 Lebanon
0,048,978 Paraguay
0,048,924 Kyrgyzstan
0,047,005 Ghana
0,043,945 West Bank and Gaza
0,041,752 Azerbaijan
0,041,714 Ireland
0,041,686 Libya
0,041,158 Kenya
0,039,703 Afghanistan
0,036,596 Hungary
0,034,685 Serbia
0,032,575 Denmark
0,031,259 Tunisia
0,030,345 Bosnia and Herzegovina
0,029,951 El Salvador
0,027,263 Australia
0,026,064 Burma
0,024,606 Korea, South
0,024,319 Bulgaria
0,023,998 Jordan
0,022,078 Greece
0,021,203 Cameroon
0,020,555 North Macedonia
0,020,128 Cote d'Ivoire
0,019,932 Croatia
0,018,797 Slovakia
0,016,702 Madagascar
0,016,130 Kosovo
0,015,466 Norway
0,015,415 Zambia
0,015,244 Senegal
0,015,231 Albania
0,015,096 Malaysia
0,013,670 Sudan
0,013,641 Montenegro
0,011,891 Namibia
0,011,849 Finland
0,011,271 Georgia
0,010,996 Guinea
0,010,859 Maldives
0,010,841 Congo (Kinshasa)
0,010,180 Tajikistan


Les cas de coronavirus COVID-19 augmentent dans certaines régions du Canada. Les restrictions reviennent maintenant.

Le Canada a maintenant un total de cas de coronavirus de 180K. 151K cas se sont rétablis. Il y a eu 9 608 décès.

Une nouvelle modélisation montre que d'ici la semaine prochaine, le Canada pourrait frapper 198K cas de COVID-19.

Dans le monde, le nombre total de cas de coronavirus est de 37,1 millions. 25,8 millions de cas se sont rétablis. Il y a eu 1,07 million de décès.

Alors que le Canada entre dans le premier long week-end de Thanksgiving avec la pandémie de coronavirus COVID-19, le message important est que tout le monde devrait rester à la maison et avoir moins de monde autour d'eux dans son cercle personnel.

Malheureusement, les prévisions indiquent que la propagation du virus s'accélérera. Dans la province de l'Ontario, de nouvelles restrictions strictes sont obligatoires à compter de minuit vendredi dans 3 régions de points chauds: Toronto, Peel et Ottawa.

Il n'y aura pas de repas à l'intérieur dans les restaurants et les bars. D'autres lieux seront fermés: gymnases, casinos et cinémas. À partir de mardi, toutes les réceptions de mariage seront annulées. Ces restrictions resteront en vigueur pendant 28 jours.

Aux États-Unis, malheureusement, le coronavirus COVID-19 est désormais la 3e cause de décès après les maladies cardiaques et le cancer. Le nombre de cas augmente à nouveau. Certains hôpitaux manquent de lits d'hôpitaux.

Malheureusement, en Angleterre, les nouveaux cas doublent désormais chaque semaine. Les hôpitaux français commencent à manquer de lits en USI. L'Espagne a déclaré l'état d'urgence à Madrid. Il semble que l'automne va avoir beaucoup plus de nouvelles restrictions.


  1. Also, keep in mind that the Ontario death count includes people who didn't die of COVID-19, but exactly how many is unknown.

    "The daily pandemic death counts in Ontario include people who have tested positive for COVID-19 but have not necessarily died from the virus.

    The exact number of people who fit into this category is unknown by the government and not even being counted."

    Read more about the statistics here:

    Air Canada check in is important. Air Canada sure decreased number of flights because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Canada Goose can still fly accross the border. A Canada Map with virus hotspots is useful. The App is useful that shows Canadian virus areas. Amazon Canada is pretty popular these days.

    COVID-19 in B.C.: B.C. passes 10,000 case mark, and six schools with exposures in Vancouver, West Van, and Burnaby. Vancouver Canada should watch out for the virus.

    Tourists said that a crowded boat at Niagara Falls has highlighted the different coronavirus Covid-19 responses of Canada and the United States. Some people thought that the Niagara Falls Boats were too crowded. Virus responses can be compared. Niagara Falls Canada should keep an eye on these boats.

    Toronto Canada is among the huge Canadian cities most affected by the coronavirus.

    Canada Population is pretty big. What is the Canadian population 2020? 37,742,154

  2. What are the Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms?

    Coronavirus COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization.

    Most common symptoms:

    dry cough

    Less common symptoms:

    aches and pains
    sore throat
    loss of taste or smell
    a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

    Serious symptoms:

    difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    chest pain or pressure
    loss of speech or movement

    Seek immediate help (medical attention) if you have serious symptoms. Always call before visiting your doctor or health facility.

    People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should try to manage their symptoms at home.

    On average it takes 5-6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show. However, in some cases, it can take up to 14 days.

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