Wednesday 21 October 2020 - Firehall Forums

The Forum is interesting at is an online resource and community for Canadian fire fighting and rescue personnel. It has more than 10 years of service.

See interesting forum sections: Firefighting and Rescue Headlines, The Fallen (Dedicated to those men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice), FireFit Championships, Awards (Awards presented to firefighters and fire chiefs), Firefighting, Union discussion, General volunteer firefighting discussion, Wildland, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, Industrial Firefighting, Special Operations, RIT, Hazmat, Auto-Ex, High Angle and Ropes, Ice/ Water, Confined Spaces, Search & Rescue, Canadian Military and DND Firefighting, General EMS Discussion, Emergency Medical Transport, Paramedics (ALS, ACP, PCP, Etc).

You could also read about: Equipment, Technology, Education, Training, Recruitment, Hiring, Safety, Accident Prevention, Public Safety, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Stress, Emotional Wellness, Travel, Family discussions, Jokes and more.

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