Friday 30 October 2020 - Strainprint Technologies Forum

Take a look at all kinds of fascinating popular discussions, such as: weed strains, how to use glass blunt, Is PAX Era worth the extra $$$ vs. great 510 carts, Cymene? Anyone know about this terpene, Great cannabis content, Is there any easy to follow how too for making edibles like suckers or caramels, Looking for strains that enhance workouts, Medical Cannabis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Webinar, Research for Data Nerds, Girl Scout Cookies, Best strain for relief from Barretts Disease, Are your symptoms all listed in the StrainPrint questionaire app, Does anyone know of a good strain for neuropathy, Increase dosage or change strain, Constipation, differences in weed strains and more.

Here are some other things that are "strain," but not related to weed strains: muscle strain, wedding cake strain, the strain, gelato strain, gorilla glue strain, strain, blue dream strain, julie strain and girl scout cookies strain.

You could take a look at the complete List of Cannabis Strains. Marijuana strains are organized into three primary types: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Each type of strain has unique effects on how you feel.

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