Wednesday 21 October 2020 - Historum (History Forum)

Historum (History Forum) is pretty fascinating at Read and write posts about World History, Historical Events, History Themes, Military History, Environmental History, History Homework Help, History Books, History Movies and more.

See forum sections, such as: General History, European History, North American History, South American History, Asian History, Middle Eastern History and African History. You can sure find a lot of detailed history discussions here.

See History Periods, such as:

Ancient History (60,000 BC - 650 AD)
Postclassical Era (500 - 1500)
Early Modern History (1500 - 1750)
Mid Modern History (1750 - 1914)

See History Themes, such as:

Military History / War History / Warfare / Tactics / Military Technology
Philosophy / Sociology / Political Science / Perennial ideas and debates crossing societal and time boundaries
Natural Environment / Environment / Science / Nature / Geography / Weather / Natural Phenomena
Prehistoric, Protohistoric, Historic Archaeology / Archaeological Records / Artifacts / Fossils / Anthropology / Paleontology
Historiography / Historical Writing / Writing of History / Study of Historical Writing
Art History / Cultural History / Music / Literature / Mythology / Visual Arts / Sports / Popular Culture
History in Movies / History on Television / Documentary Films / Historical Dramas / History Programs / History Channel / PBS
Historic Gardens and Gardening Documentaries and Serials
History Book Reviews / Historical Books / Historical Novels
Community History Blogs
Speculative History

Some popular history topics include: history of thanksgiving, history channel, American history, this day in history, natural history museum, American museum of natural history, history channel shows, a history of violence, wars in history and so on.

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