Tuesday 9 June 2020

Quantum Mechanics News and Schrödinger's cat and Quantum entanglement (Explained)

Science Loop from Youtube has an interesting explanation of the Schrödinger's cat.

This video describes:

1) quantum entanglement experiment
2) quantum entanglement
3) quantum entanglement explained
4) schrödinger's cat
5) schrödinger's cat Explained
6) schrödinger's cat in real life
7) schrödinger's cat for dummies

Schrödinger's cat is an interesting thought experiment. It is sometimes described as a paradox. It was devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It seems that the idea originated from Albert Einstein. This deals with quantum mechanics. The possible scenario presents a hypothetical cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead, a state known as a quantum superposition. You can also think about a random subatomic event that may or may not occur.

Schrödinger coined the term Verschränkung (entanglement) in the course of developing the thought experiment.

Read more about the Schrödinger's cat here:

Here are more interesting English to German translations:

quantum entanglement - Quantenverschränkung
schrödinger's cat - Schrödingers Katze
quantum mechanics - Quantenmechanik
hypothetical - hypothetisch
random - zufällig
atomic - atomar
thoughts - Gedanken
possible - möglich
distance - Entfernung
strength - Stärke
weakness - Schwäche
wave - Welle
world - Welt
collapse - Zusammenbruch
apparatus - Gerät
observe - beobachten

Recent News about Quantum Mechanics:

June 8, 2020 Physicists entangle 15 trillion hot atoms - livescience.com

May 28, 2020 Two from Hopkins receive $1.6M to pursue a basic science approach to understanding quantum physics - hub.jhu.edu

May 19, 2020 Physicists exploit a quantum rule to create a new kind of crystal - sciencenews.org

May 28, 2020 What Is the Many-Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics? - science.thewire.in

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