Saturday 6 June 2020

India Plans to Build its Own Space Station

India certainly has announced its plans to launch its own space station by 2030. However, this launch could be difficult to achieve.

In June, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) announced that it plans to launch its own space station by 2030.

A successful launch like this would make India the 4th country to launch a space station that is solely its own, along with Russia, the United States, and China.

India did not yet send a human being into space. The country has not released any concrete plans on how it plans to build its station. Nobody can really say what it will look like. This is clearly a fantastic, ambitious and admirable goal.

Take a look at the Soviet Union’s Saylut 1, Saylut 2, and Cosmos 557, to China’s Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2. Think about challenges other nations faced while putting their first space stations into orbit on this episode of Elements. This science episode sure mentions lots of interesting space flight facts.

India also has other missions that it could perform in outer space. India could be the first to land on the moon’s south pole.

The economy of India is characterised as a developing market economy. It is the world's 5th-largest economy by nominal GDP.

Here are the top 20 countries in the world by GDP:

01 United States
02 China
03 Japan
04 Germany
05 India
06 United Kingdom
07 France
08 Brazil
09 Italy
10 Canada
11 Russia
12 South Korea
13 Australia
14 Spain
15 Mexico
16 Indonesia
17 Turkey
18 Netherlands
19 Saudi Arabia
20 Switzerland


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    1. Yes. India certainly has announced its plans to launch its own space station by 2030.

      In other news, Indian space-tech startup prepares to launch 24 satellites; aims to send first one by November.

      Pixxel founder and CEO Awais Ahmed said that they were certainly planning to launch the satellite next month, but had to push their plans to November due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. They are planning to successfully launch the second satellite by July 2021.

      Read more about it here: