Wednesday 10 June 2020

India coronavirus death toll is 7,745

India Coronavirus Covid-19 death toll has reached 7,745. India has total confirmed virus cases of 276,583.

India is seeing a great surge in new Coronavirus Covid-19 cases. Officials reported about 10 thousand new infections today.

Curbing the spread is a major problem in India's overcrowded prisons. This problem exists especially in the capital, Delhi, where jails are packed far beyond capacity. Over 100 people, including prisoners and staff members unfortunately tested positive for Covid -19 in a Mumbai prison. Now, several cases have been detected in a Delhi prison as well. It seems that maintaining social distancing in India's overcrowded prisons is almost impossible.

The following information is according to the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

Total Global Confirmed Cases: 7,293,307

Countries with most confirmed cases:

1,990,112 USA
739,503 Brazil
493,023 Russia
291,584 United Kingdom
276,583 India
242,280 Spain
235,763 Italy
199,696 Peru
192,068 France
186,522 Germany
177,938 Iran
173,036 Turkey
148,456 Chile
124,301 Mexico
113,702 Pakistan
112,288 Saudi Arabia
098,510 Canada
084,199 China
074,865 Bangladesh
073,595 Qatar
059,569 Belgium
052,991 South Africa
051,066 Belarus
048,293 Netherlands
046,814 Sweden
043,917 Ecuador
042,206 Colombia
040,507 United Arab Emirates
038,965 Singapore

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  1. India Covid-19 update: 06:00 IST on Saturday 27 June (02:30 CEST)

    According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University, 9,764,997 cases have been detected worldwide, with 492,807 deaths and 4,917,328 people have recovered.

    In India, there have been 490,401 cases confirmed, 15,301 people have died and 285,637 people have recovered from the virus.