Monday 15 June 2020

Parts of USA: Record spikes in new coronavirus cases

New Coronavirus Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in record numbers appeared through more USA states, including Florida and Texas.

The large number of confirmed Coronavirus Covid-19 cases in the USA passed the 2-million mark on Wednesday. Unfortunately, cases continue to rise across the USA. There are currently some reopening measures happening.

The pandemic is appearing to shift from large urban centres like New York City and Chicago toward smaller, rural areas. States that have loosened virus restrictions have certainly seen resurgences in cases.

As of Wednesday evening, the USA count of coronavirus cases is 2,000,464. The country’s death toll has also continued to climb. It surpassed 112,900 people, according to informative public health data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

The one million most recent cases were added over the course of over a month after USA passed a million confirmed cases on April 28. On average, USA has reported more than 20,000 cases a day since then.

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