Friday 19 June 2020

Damon Motorcycles develops great safety innovations for motorcycles

Damon Motorcycles was founded in 2017. The company won "Best in Innovation" Award at CES 2020. The company headquarters are in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The official website of Damon Motorcycles is

Damon is successfully reinventing personal mobility for 1.5 billion daily commuters. This company actually reverse engineered the problems that two wheel commuters face. The company built an experience that’s perpetually safer, smarter and more rider-friendly.

Reverse engineering is also called back engineering. This is the process by which a man-made object is deconstructed to reveal its designs, architecture, or to extract knowledge from the object. This is similar to scientific research. The difference is that scientific research is about a natural phenomenon.

The company vision includes a self-learning mobility platform that will hopefully create a world with no fatal accidents on Damon vehicles by 2030.

Damon Motorcycles is working hard to achieve that vision. Damon put data-driven thinking at the epicentre of the company. Damon employs radical innovations in sensor fusion, robotics, and AI.

Sensor fusion is the important ability to bring together inputs from multiple radars, lidars and cameras to form a single model or image of the environment around a vehicle. The successful resulting model is more accurate because it balances the strengths of the different sensors.

The following is interesting news from April 8, 2020:

Vancouver-based Damon Motorcycles, a developer of safety innovations for motorcycles using sensor fusion, robotics, and artificial intelligence, has secured $3 million in additional financing.

Damon also acquired the IP portfolio of Mission Motors, developer of high-density EV powertrains.

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  1. Damon is successfully trying to create an experience that’s perpetually safer, smarter and more rider-friendly. Make safety your priority when you ride your motorcycle.

    Here are some interesting Motorcycle Safety Tips:

    Operating a motorcycle takes different important skills than driving a car. However, the important laws of the road apply to every driver just the same. A combination of consistent education, regard for traffic laws and basic common sense can truly help reduce the amount of fatalities involved in motorcycle accidents every year. It is sure important to understand some basic motorcycle safety tips to make sure your ride is a safe one.

    - Always wear a helmet with a face shield or protective eye wear.
    Wearing a helmet is the best way to protect against all kinds of head injuries. A motorcycle rider not wearing a helmet is 5 times more likely to sustain a critical head injury. It's really easy to fall off a motorcycle and hit your head.

    - Wear appropriate gear. Make sure to wear protective gear and clothing that will minimize the amount of injuries in case of an accident. Skids can happen. Wearing leather clothing, boots with nonskid soles, and gloves can protect your body from severe injuries. Falling on the road at high speed creates lots of friction. Consider attaching reflective tape or other bright colors to your clothing to make it easier for other drivers to see you.

    - Follow traffic rules. Obey the speed limit. Be aware of local traffic laws and rules of the road. A fall at a higher speed is more dangerous.

    - Ride Defensively. Don't assume that a driver can always see you. Approximately two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver violating a rider's right of way. You should always ride with your headlights on. Of course, stay out of a driver's blind spot. Be sure to signal well in advance of any change in direction. Pay attention and watch for turning vehicles.

    - Keep your riding skills honed through education. Complete a formal riding education program, get licensed and take riding courses from time to time to develop riding techniques and to sharpen your important street-riding strategies.

    - Be conscious. Be awake. Ride sober. Don't drink and drive. You could cause harm to yourself and others. Additionally, fatigue and drowsiness can impair your ability to react, so make sure that you are well rested when you hit the road.

    - Preparing To Ride is important. Making sure that your excellent motorcycle is fit for the road is just as important as practicing safe riding. Should something be wrong with your motorcycle, it will be in your best interest to find out prior to hitting the road. To make sure that your motorcycle is in good working order. Check the tires, under the motorcycle, high and low beams, Hydraulic and Coolant fluids, clutch and throttle, mirrors, brakes and the sound of the horn.