Saturday, 28 December 2019

Closer look: Chinese economy's resilience

China's economy has shown some strength amid trade negotiations and other challenges. In November, profits of China's industrial companies grew at an even faster pace. Remain optimistic for China's Economy in 2020.

China's economy could reach 6 per cent growth. In some ways, China rivals or even surpasses the most developed parts of the U.S. Consider the Chinese high speed rail network. It is quite impressive. A better China economic relationship with Taiwan would be good. Profitability at Chinese industrial enterprises improved significantly in November.

2022 Winter Olympic games will be in China. The venues in China are expected to be ready in 2020. The sports games will be in the cities of Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The high-speed railway line connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou in north China's Hebei Province will be pretty fast. The railway line is a massive project for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. It will allow faster travel between Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The travel time will change from currently over three hours to 47 minutes. The railway is 174 km long. It has a maximum design speed of 350 kph.

10 stations are along the railway line:
01) Beijing North
02) Qinghe
03) Shahe
04) Changping
05) Badaling
06) Donghuayuan North
07) Huailai
08) Xiahuayuan North
09) Xuanhua North
10) Zhangjiakou


  1. There is a Chinese mobile social networking and entertainment company Momo. It has become the world's fastest-growing company, according to Fortune Magazine. Beijing-based Momo's 3-year annual revenue growth rate stood at 141 percent, while the 3-year annual earnings per share growth rate reached 193 percent, the report said. This is impressive.

  2. China's December consumer inflation is still high.