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China will be the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics

China (中国) will be the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics (冬奥会). The 2 Chinese cities hosting will be Beijing and Zhangjiakou. These cities experienced an increase of activity in winter sports investment when it was announced that China will be hosting the games. The China country is putting billions into infrastructure and other needed investments. China is increasing its number of ski resorts. Winter sports businesses are being encouraged right now to invest in the regions of the games.

These games will increase tourism to China. It will be interesting to see more ice hockey games in China. Right now, the numbers of winter sports schools are being increased.

Beijing (北京) is China’s capital. It’s known for modern architecture and ancient sites such as the grand Forbidden City complex and the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Zhangjiakou (张家口) is also known as Kalgan and several other names. It is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Hebei province in Northern China, bordering Beijing to the southeast, Inner Mongolia to the north and west, and Shanxi to the southwest.

Here are the major cities near Beijing, China:

53 km to Langfang 距离廊坊
110 km to Tianjin 到天津
137 km to Xuanhua 距宣化市
141 km to Hangu 距离汉沽
142 km to Baoding 保定市
147 km to Tanggu 塘沽
162 km to Zhangjiakou 距张家口
178 km to Chengde 承德市

More interesting translations:

China pours billions into infrastructure and talent.

Winter sports become more popular.

Beijing has introduced various measures to incentivize winter sports businesses to invest.

A Chinese ski resort town may not be ready for guests yet.


  1. An interesting building is the Beijing Olympic Park (the Olympic Green). Beijing Olympic Park is also known as the Olympic Green. It will be where the 2022 Winter Olympics games are played.

    It certainly has the main venues used during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, such as the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. It is located at the north end of the central axis of Beijing. The Olympic Green has now become a fantastic comprehensive public activity center.

    Beijing Olympic Park (the Olympic Green)

    Chinese: 北京奥林匹克公园

    Location: 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) north of the Forbidden City, Chaoyang District

    Interesting sights: the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube, Beijing National Indoor Stadium, the Olympic Forest Park

    Area: 2,864 acres (1,159 hectares)

    1. 一個有趣的建築是北京奧林匹克公園(奧林匹克綠地)。 北京奧林匹克公園也被稱為奧林匹克公園。 這將是2022年冬季奧運會的舉辦地。

      它肯定具有2008年夏季奧運會和殘奧會期間使用的主要場館,例如鳥巢和水立方。 它位於北京中軸線的北端。 奧林匹克公園現已成為一個奇妙的綜合性公共活動中心。





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