Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. Stock is at lows

Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. says that they grow better. Others might focus on growing most product, but this company focuses on craftsmanship. Customers expect the best cannabis possible.

Supreme Cannabis works with some of Canada's leading cannabis producers and processors. The company has entered into a number of supply agreements with top licensed cultivators to provide dried cannabis flower.

Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. stock is on TSE as FIRE. It is (TSX:FIRE). The company's share price has been fairly sensitive to market volatility over the last 5 years. The company shares are likely to rise more than the market when the market is going up, but fall more when the market goes down.

Long term investors like to think about the history of revenue and earnings growth. Supreme Cannabis is smaller company than the other big cannabis companies. The market capitalization is CAD$230 M. A lot of companies this size are not actively traded. It takes less capital to move the share price of a small company like this.


  1. Now that’s a company name I like to hear. It reminds me that when I go to buy fast food burgers and fries, sometimes I get Fries Supreme. I didn’t think weed could become as legal as that, but here it is. I better read up on my law dictionary, something else illegal could have become legal recently. I better keep up with these news.

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