Friday, 27 December 2019

What Will Bitcoin do in 2020

This is an interesting video from Youtube about what will bitcoin do in 2020. There could be some crashes in the market coming. Maybe there will be no crashes. Bitcoin mining takes a very strong computer to do. The US Dollar is sure strong in the global economy. The good thing would be to buy low and sell high. Bitcoin could be unpredictable. I wonder what crypto currency really holds for the future. There are sites out there that create loans with crypto currency. Bitcoin digital currency or cryptocurrency could go to new price highs.

Bitcoin and other blockchain-based digital assets are different from traditional currencies. You do not need the permission of any central authority to use the networks to transfer value. Many people do something different instead of taking responsibility for the storage of their Bitcoin themselves. Many people entrust a centralized third party to do it for them.

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  1. Jan 8, 2020 - Bitcoin Hits New 2020 High Above $8,400 After Iranian Missile Attack

    Bitcoin Hits New 2020 High Above $8,400 After Iranian Missile Attack

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    1. Thanks for liking the Bitcoin Article.

      September 3, 2020:

      1 Bitcoin equals 14,054.59 Canadian Dollar

      1 Bitcoin equals 10,672.50 United States Dollar

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