Thursday 19 December 2019

Lyft Stock Price sinks somewhat lower

Lyft Stock Price is at $46.28 on December 19, 2019. Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) stock sinks somewhat lower. Monday night’s close was at $47.39. Many analysts believe that LYFT has a better path to profitability than UBER. Lyft is now at about 35% below its $72 IPO price. The stock bottomed out at $37 in mid-October. It has recovered quite a bit since then.

Lyft, the ride sharing company, continues to grow. However, it is losing a lot of money. Its rival is Uber (NYSE:UBER). It is hard for these companies to raise prices, because they are competing against each other. Lyft certainly has grown revenue. However, it continues to lose money. There are not many signs for future profitability. Investors are hopeful that Lyft can become profitable in the future.

Here's something funny. Lyft algorithm is trying to block people with names like: Dick, Finger, Cock and Cummings. The ride-hail company is making an effort to tell these users to change their names. They risk getting booted from the service. This is creating frustration with people that really have last names like: Cocks. Good luck to those people.

In other news, E-bikes came back to the streets of San Francisco. They are part of a bikeshare system owned by Lyft. Some weeks later, all electric bikes were pulled from the system because some batteries caught fire. No one was hurt.

Above: Lyft’s Shuttle service. Lyft has officially launched in June the beta version of Shuttle: a carpool service that will travel along a certain route and make stops along the route.

Above: Lyft Prime Time Heat Map with Power Zones in Toronto.


  1. Car rides are interesting with Lyft. Passengers can request a ride from a nearby driver. Once confirmed, the app shows the driver's name. It also shows ratings by past passengers and photos of the driver and car. Drivers and passengers can add personal information to their profiles. They can talk if they want to. After the ride is finished, the rider is given the opportunity to tip the driver.

    Lyft offers these types of rides within the app:

    Shared Ride, which is not available in all cities, is the cheapest option and will match passengers with other riders if they are going in the same direction.

    Lyft is the basic and most popular offering that matches passengers with nearby drivers.

    Lyft XL matches passengers with a vehicle that can seat at least six passengers.

    Lux matches passengers with a luxury vehicle that seats at least four passengers.

    Lux Black matches passengers with a luxury black exterior vehicle ride that seats at least four passengers.

    Lux Black XL matches passengers with a black exterior luxury car that seats up to six (i.e.: SUVs with highly rated drivers).

    Lyft Scooters cost US$1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute to ride.

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