Sunday 22 September 2019

Uber Eats Food Delivery - Is it profitable?

Here is one of my week stats in 2019:

You could make decent money delivering food with Uber Eats. I know people say car expenses add up, but think about the advantages. You can start working right after stepping outside. Choose your own hours. Observe food businesses. Get more auto driving experience. Sometimes there are promotions that increase your wage.

You get paid every time you make a delivery. A longer trip makes more money. Usually you would make about $15/hour (Canadian Dollars). There are promotions like x1.1 up to x2.1 that increase your wage. Usually they are between hours like 5pm to 8pm. Weekends and New Year pay more, too. Get their food delivery bag for about $10. Observe and compare dozens of restaraunts as you walk through your neighbourhood. If a customer could not be reached after multiple attempts, you get to keep the food for free. Get cash tips and online tips. McDonalds seems to be the most frequent order.

Most people just want food delivered to the door. The App allows to write messages like "leave the food outside the door", "don't ring doorbell", "wait inside car, they will come to you" and "buzz code and apt. number". Their online map is not exactly correct all the time. But, it does roughly tell you where the location is. Here is something weird: a customer once asked me to buy and deliver him cigarettes as well. I don't deliver alcohol, but I know special delivery services do it. I had a few problems with the software. Sometimes the "cancel delivery" button gets pressed by itself. My phone has a touchable screen (objects that are not my fingers can touch it). A few times I arrived at restaurants where they told me, "sorry, your order was picked up by another driver." Customers names are sometimes written only in Chinese. Few times the program froze. I was able to refer one friend to get a $300 bonus. Few times customers told me they put the wrong address.

I didn't try working for Uber Taxi. There are some differences here. Your car cannot be too old (for Uber Eats - any car). You might have to worry about people leaving a mess in your car.

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