Saturday 21 September 2019

Amazing Fast-Melting Greenland (August) Shows Warming and Flooding

Greenland is the world’s largest island. It is located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The island is in the Kingdom of Denmark, but it has a degree of self-governance or autonomy. Greenland is really part of the continent of North America, but culturally it is associated with Europe (and nearby island of Iceland). The amazing fast-melting of Greenland has shown glaciers that quickly turn into water. The sea levels rise from this. Some people call it “coming closer to the end of the planet.”

In August it was warm there in the Arctic Circle in Greenland. In the town Kulusuk temperature reached 10.7 degrees Celsius. The ice that was melting was thousands of years old, but this ice can be destroyed quickly. This is a record-breaking hot summer this year with extreme melting. Scientists estimate that by the end of the summer, about 400 billion metric tons of ice will have melted off Greenland’s ice sheet. What is happening is both man-made climate change and strange weather patterns. Greenland’s worst year in modern history for melting was the summer of 2012.


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    Greenland has picked Sweden's Ericsson over China's Huawei. This is to supply equipment for its 5G telecoms network. 5G is coming to Greenland, however no date has been set for this event yet.

    Tele Greenland's decision had been made after considering important issues like quality, price and security in the broadest sense.

    Ericsson was last week was picked by Norway's Telenor as the key important technology provider of the country's 5G network. It also supplied Greenland's 4G network.

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      It seems that Greenland has massive resource potential. Melting sea ice in the Arctic is opening up the possibility of "new shipping routes." The most geopolitically relevant one is the Transpolar Sea Route. It is expected to emerge as the predominant Arctic shipping route by 2030 due to melting ice. See what the future holds for humans.