Sunday 14 November 2021

New report shows the weak spot in Canada's COVID-19 response

CTV News in Canada shows that while Canada has done well compared to other developed nations handling the COVID-19 pandemic, it came at a cost to its health-care workers.

Take a look at these results (correct as of 1 October 2021):

Countries with the most COVID-19 deaths per million people:

Peru 5,976.33
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,249.93
North Macedonia 3,201.67
Hungary 3,133.64
Montenegro 3,061.85

Countries with the fewest COVID-19 deaths per million people:

Laos 2.71
Burundi 3.10
Vanuatu 3.18
China 3.21
Bhutan 3.85

Countries with the most COVID-19 cases per million people:

Seychelles 217,440.10
Montenegro 210,088.03
Andorra 196,783.62
San Marino 159,952.95
Czechia 157,807.23

Countries with the lowest number of cases per million people:

Micronesia 8.60
Vanuatu 12.72
Samoa 14.99
Kiribati 16.48
Solomon Islands 28.41

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