Wednesday 10 November 2021

Canada: Concerns upcoming winter will drive up COVID-19 infections

Global News in Canada shows that although most eligible Canadians have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, concerns are growing about a surge in cases this winter. Eric Sorensen looks at the worries of lifting restrictions too soon and Canada's pandemic outlook, as more people head indoors.

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  1. As of July 2021, there are 4 so-called known dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2 spreading among global populations: the Alpha Variant (formerly called the UK Variant and officially referred to as B.1.1.7), first found in London and Kent, the Beta Variant (formerly called the South Africa Variant and officially referred to as B.1.351), the Gamma Variant (formerly called the Brazil Variant and officially referred to as P.1), and the Delta Variant (formerly called the India Variant and officially referred to as B.1.617.2).

    Cold weather certainly makes it harder for the body to fight respiratory infections. The unfortunate winter surge in COVID-19 is due to more than merely spending time indoors.

    "For the coming on of winter resolves the diseases of summer, and the coming on of summer removes those of winter," wrote the father of medicine, the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates, in 400 B.C.