Friday, 26 November 2021

Is the mysterious creator of Bitcoin finally about to be unmasked?

RT Channel shows the 1 million BTC question (or multi-billion) that a Miami court case might be about to answer.

Bitcoin's Trial of the Century in Miami Could Reveal the mysterious Founder and Shock the Crypto Market.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 (a single bitcoin was priced at less than a tenth of a penny). 1 bitcoin is now worth more than $50,000.

Various people claim to have created Bitcoin. The trial is playing out in Miami. The so-called "bitcoin’s trial of the century" will result in showing whether the man who claims to have founded bitcoin had a partner.

It seems that a Miami federal judge could order 1.1 million bitcoins to be split in half - a shocking move for the crypto market.

"It’s many hundreds, thousands of wallets containing 1.1 million bitcoin that have never moved that were mined by Satoshi Nakamoto," said Kurt Wuckert Jr., a so-called Bitcoin historian of CoinGeek.

In the crypto world, Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the person, or people, who created bitcoin back in the late 2000s. Satoshi is estimated to hold up to 20% of all bitcoins and is thought to have written and published bitcoin’s "original plan" and protocol for cryptocurrency. However, the true identity of Satoshi is not known.

The so-called Search for Satoshi tries to find the inventor.

It seems that people cannot find Satoshi Nakamoto. He never showed his true identity. It is also possible that "Satoshi" has been dead for some time.


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  2. Nice info.Yesterday i was reading about this in a group of whatsapp plus That The case will be heard in a Florida court, where the jury will be told the two worked on the cryptocurrency together and the family are entitled to half a million Bitcoin.

    1. It is interesting to know who is entitled to how much Bitcoin.

      MON, DEC 6 2021 - Miami jury rules in favor of Craig Wright, who claimed to invent bitcoin

      It seems that Australian computer scientist Craig Wright won in a Miami civil case that pitted him against the family of his late business partner and so-called computer forensics expert, David Kleiman.

      At stake really was half of both the 1.1 million bitcoin mined and held by Satoshi, a cache currently worth around $54 billion.

      The man who has claimed to be the inventor of bitcoin certainly won a major USA court case. This saves him from paying a former business partner tens of billions of dollars in the so-called cryptocurrency.

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