Monday 29 March 2021

Canada - "Leftover" shots: Why are COVID-19 vaccine appointments going unclaimed

Global News shows that on Saturday, thousands of people swarmed a Toronto hospital’s website that was believed to be offering leftover vaccines at the end of each day to anyone between the ages of sixteen and 59 years old at 4 designated immunization clinics.

The website received so many visitors, it crashed. And a day later, that same site was completely taken down.

Situations like this occur because there are leftover COVID-19 vaccine doses on some days, most commonly occurring because people don’t show up for a booked appointment. This also happens because these shots expire, the challenge becomes finding eligible people each day to take those leftover doses on short notice.

Infectious diseases physician Dr. Isaac Bogoch answers your COVID-19 questions about Canada’s vaccine rollout progress, mixing different shots, and whether or not vitamin D supplements can reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19.

Pathogenicity is the potential disease-causing capacity of pathogens. Pathogenicity is related to virulence in meaning, but some authorities have come to distinguish it as a qualitative term, whereas the latter is quantitative. By this standard, an organism may be said to be pathogenic or non-pathogenic in a particular context, but not "more pathogenic" than another. Such comparisons are described instead in terms of relative virulence. Pathogenicity is also distinct from the transmissibility of a virus, which quantifies the risk of infection.

Virulence is a pathogen's or microorganism's certain ability to cause damage to a host.

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