Saturday 8 August 2020

Pool Maze for Hamster - Rainbow Pyramid Maze

This pet hamster sure is funny. See the Marshmallow in rainbow pyramid pool maze. This adorable hamster is very astonishing. For this smart hamster, the puzzles have to be made even harder, because the hamster is too smart. The hamster likes the "pool."


  1. This is very bad game .I truly dislike that animal being treated like this.This is not good for children .these games should be banned.

    1. I guess these pet hamster games are weird. Hopefully, no hamsters were hurt in these games. Build a good relationship with pet hamsters by giving your hamster treats. Your hamster should not bite you. Your hamster should like you as a friend. Cup your hamster gently in the palm of your hand. Do not apply too much pressure to the hamster. Give your hamster time to get used to you. Don't put hamsters in a very small confined space, give them more space. Wash your hands before touching your hamster.

      And now, here are some hamster jokes:

      1) What do you call a hamster with a hat on its head?

      Abrahamster Lincoln.

      2) When do hamsters come from?


      3) My hamster died today. It fell asleep at the wheel.

      4) Why did the hamster quit its job?

      It was not happy with the celery.

      5) What do you call a hamster with three legs only?