Saturday 29 August 2020

10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions

These are scary and dangerous: 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions. Be careful: many people fall from high cliffs and mountains. Poisonous plants are dangerous. Animals are dangerous. Rivers can be dangerous to swim. Watch out for poisonous contaminated soil and contaminated water. Beware of high hot temperatures. Don't slip and fall on dangerous slippery terrain. Some people tried the thrill of getting inside the see-through Plexiglass cube that gets pushed around by a large grizzly bear.

10 Lake Natron
09 Cliffs of Moher
08 Alnwick Gardens
07 Trolltunga (Named after Troll's Tongue)
06 Boa Viagem Beach
05 Colorado River
04 Danakil Desert
03 Half Dome
02 Gruinard Island
01 Predator Shield

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