Thursday 6 August 2020

Dog Chasing Sun - Fire Walks With Me

Dog Chasing Sun - Fire Walks With Me is a Fantastic New Full Album in 2020. Dog Chasing Sun is an interesting Psychedelic Southern/Stoner Doom one man band from Russia. Fire Walks With Me is his latest album. This music will take you out of your boring world into a different place in time and space. Start listening to this music and you will go into the other world. Time may not apply, anymore. Many have described this music, as: powerful, nostalgic, incredibly well composed, impactful, melodic, original and having lots of imagination in it.

Track Listing of Songs:

1.  Fire Walks With Me - 0:00
2.  The Grand Inquisitor - 5:01
3.  Taken By The Sea - 11:30
4.  Roadburn - 16:52
5.  Burn Witch Burn - 23:37
6.  The Wall Of Sleep - 28:14
7.  The Sunken Kingdom - 34:34
8.  Fight Damn LiZZards! - 43:36
9.  Graveyard Dirt - 48:59

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