Sunday 2 August 2020

Kayleth - 2020 Back to Earth

Kayleth - 2020 Back to Earth. This Melodic Full Music Album was on May 15, 2020. Kayleth were born in Verona (Italy) on 2005 with the target to create an excellent stoner band inspired by Kyuss, Orange Goblin, 7zuma7 and Monster Magnet. Argonauta Records.

Italian stoner rockers, Kayleth, travelled many years through space. They have searched and found greater music worlds. They have returned "Back to Earth" or "back to their home planet." Some may think that the planet is in a disasterous condition. Listen to a heavy dose of the Doom, Psychedelic and Stoner hailing of the realms of Space Rock - you will be satisfied listening to this.

Track Listing of Songs:

01. Corrupted 00:00
02. Concrete 04:33
03. Lost in the Canyons 10:05
04. The Dawn of the Resurrection 15:13
05. Delta Pavonis 18:28
06. By Your Side 23:24
07. Electron 28:00
08. The Avalanche 32:39
09. Sirens 36:52
10. Cosmic Thunder 41:28

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