Saturday 29 August 2020

11 Most Mysterious Creatures Found on Beaches

This will entertain you, enlighten you and amaze you: 11 Most Mysterious Creatures Found on Beaches. You never know what these mysterious things are, until they are analyzed in a lab and confirmed to be something like a carcass of a whale.

Try to solve the puzzle: see most mysterious creatures found on beaches. These animals were washed ashore & are believed to be sea monsters. Try to guess which animal they really are.

11 Tasmanian Globster
10 Stronsay
09 Trunko
08 Folly Beach
07 Lake Macquarie Creature
06 Giant Sea Creature found in Indonesia
05 Unknown Whale Species
04 Mysterious Creature found on a Texas beach
03 Russian Sea Creature
02 Montauk Monster
01 Zuyio-maru

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