Saturday 26 September 2020

Chewy stock price: Chewy 2Q Sales Spike 47%; Shares Fall

Chewy had its 2Q revenues rise 47% to $1.70 billion year-over-year. The pet product retailer has certainly attracted demand during the global Covid-19 pandemic. The company's quarterly sales surpassed analysts’ expectations of $1.64 billion. Chewy sure wants to increase its Chewy market share.

Chewy is an online pet product retailer. The company is owned by PetSmart. The company has challenges like the high cost of shipping. The acquisition of Chewy made sense for PetSmart. It adds online expertise to PetSmart’s brick and mortar business. It increases PetSmart’s online market share. The acquisition of Chewy was financed primarily through additional debt. After the sale to PetSmart, Chewy expanded and launched an online pet pharmacy called Chewy Pharmacy. Chewy seeks continued growth.

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