Friday 29 January 2021

Canada cancels all flights to Mexico, Caribbean

Global News shows the top story: Canada is warning those who are hoping for a March Break abroad that now is not the time. The federal government announced Friday it is tightening travel measures to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic and its highly infectious variants. Canada’s main airlines are suspending service to popular sun destinations, such as Mexico and the Caribbean, starting Sunday until April 30. Starting Feb. 3, international flights will also only be able to land in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal and in the coming weeks, there will be a mandatory COVID-19 test at the airport for people returning to Canada, in addition to the test required before the flight. There are still major questions about how the changes will roll out. It seems that there is a hefty price you’ll pay if you insist on taking that trip.

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  1. Those were sure popular fun destinations, such as Mexico and the Caribbean. Hopefully, normal travel can be resumed when possible.