Sunday 9 February 2020

Sydney mass flooding, suburbs evacuated, schools closed

This is an interesting news video from Nine News Australia. Sydney is experiencing mass flooding. Suburbs have been evacuated. Schools have been closed. Residents of Sydney are seeing the damage caused by a weekend of torrential rain. There is widespread flooding across the city and suburbs are under forced evacuation.

It would have been nice to have lots of rain in the places of fires. That would have put out the fires. But, some places experienced dry times. Now, the heaviest rain in decades brings Australia drought relief and fire relief. It was actually Sydney’s wettest day since 1992. The damage to property was massive. There is certainly more rain expected on the east coast in the coming week.

Sydney experienced its wettest 24 hours since 1992, with 176 millimeters (7 inches) of rain falling in the city between Sunday and Monday morning, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Another 200 millimeters are expected in some areas by next weekend.

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