Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Northwest Russia: Boeing Plane Makes Hard Landing

A Boeing 737 airliner with 96 people aboard made a hard landing in northwestern Russia, Sunday, February 9. Luckily, Nobody was injured when the aircraft landed in the town of Usinsk. Russia’s civil aviation authority said the hard landing was certainly caused by a problem with the chassis.

People had to evacuate the plane after it crash-landed on its belly in Russia. The hard landing occurred when a Boeing 737 aircraft, belonging to Russian carrier Utair, landed in Usinsk in the Komi Republic of north-western Russia. According to the airline, the jet hit unexpected windshear as it came into land.

Wind shear is a variation in wind velocity occurring along a direction at right angles to the wind's direction and tending to exert a turning force.

Shocking footage from the accident shows the plane coming to a stop across the wintry runway resting on its engines and belly, without its landing gear.

Passengers evacuated via the emergency doors of the aircraft. Some climbed onto the plane wings.

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