Thursday 20 February 2020

Naturgy Energy Group SA Stock Rises in February

Naturgy Energy Group, S.A. stock seems to be rising in February. However, be careful because the stock has declined over the period of a year. Proceed with caution when you think about investing in Naturgy Energy Group, S.A. (BME:NTGY). Naturgy is certainly a dividend paying company. Such companies with growing earnings can be highly rewarding in the long term. However, be careful about buying a stock for its dividend. You could lose money because the share price falls by more than what you earn in dividend payments.

Naturgy Energy Group looks interesting because of its 5.6% dividend yield. It also has a payment history of over 10 years. Dividends are usually paid out of company earnings. Unfortunately, if a company is paying out more than it earns, then the dividend might become unsustainable. Consider the strength of the balance sheet of the company.

Naturgy is a large successful utilities company. Naturgy Energy Group S.A. is formerly known as Gas Natural Fenosa. It is a Spanish natural gas and electrical energy utilities company. This company operates primarily in Spain. The company's administrative headquarters are in Barcelona. The registered office is in Madrid. The stock of the company is: NTGY (BME). The headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. The CEO is Francisco Miguel Reynes Massanet (From Feb. 6, 2018). The company was founded in 1843 in Barcelona, Spain. The company website is

Here are the Naturgy Subsidiaries:

Union Fenosa Gas, S.A.
CompaƱia General de Electricidad
Empresa de Distribucion Electrica Chiriqui, S.A.
Union Fenosa Distribucion, S.A.
Gas Natural Servicios SDG, S.A.
Nedgia Catalunya SA
Naturgy Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Gas Natural S.U.R. SDG, S.A.
Gas Natural Comercializadora S.A.
Sagane, S.A.
Gas Galicia Sociedad Para El Desarrollo Del Gas S.A.
Naturgy Limited
Naturgy Iberia S.A.
BIS Distribucion de Gas, S.A.
Global Power Generation SA
Naturgy Aprovisionamientos, S.A.
Naturgy LNG Singapore PTE. LTD.
Naturgy Generacion, S.L.U.
Operacion y Mantenimiento Energy, S.A.
Gas Natural Andalucia, S.A.
Gas Natural Aprovisionamientos SDG, S.A.
CGE Gas Natural S.A.
Naturgy Capital Markets, S.A.
Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables, S.L.U.
UFD Distribucion de Electricidad, S.A
Gas Natural Cegas S.A.
Gas Natural Distribucion Electrica, S.A.
Holding de Negocios de Gas, S.A.
Tratamiento Cinca Medio, S.L.
Hidroelectrica Nuestra Senora De La Soledad Detendilla Y Lupiana, S.l
Comunidad De Bienes Central Termica De Aceca
Union Fenosa Financial Services USA, LLC
Gas Natural Comercial SDG, S.L.
Gas Navarra, S.A.
Nettis Impianti SpA
Compania Espanola De Industrias Electroquimicas S.A.
Union Fenosa International B.V.
GEM Sum. SUR 2, S.L.
GEM Distribucion Gas 2, S.A.
Hispanogalaica de Extracciones, S.L.
GEM Serv. Comunes 2, S.L.
Iberica Knutsen
Naturgy Finance B.V.
Union Fenosa Acex Uk Holdings, Ltd.
Union Fenosa Inversiones, S.a.
Gas Natural Electricidad SDG, S.A.
Union Fenosa Internacional, S.A.
Clover Financial and Treasury Services, Ltd.
Explotaciones Eolicas Sierra de Utrera, S.L.
BIS Suministro de Gas Sur, S.L.

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