Wednesday 26 February 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is impacting Australia

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an emergency response plan for coronavirus COVID-19. More people are staying home instead of going outside. Chinatown is now getting less daily customers walking in.

It's possible that governments may order mass vaccinations of cities or groups of people. Sports stadia may be sequestered as quarantine sites. Police could be ordered to guard critical medical supplies for Australia (in the case of a greater pandemic). In a worst-case scenario, a pandemic outbreak could last a very long time. The country's workforce would decrease. Australia's GDP could decrease. Australia is now trying to create containment of the virus.

There are now 81,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide. They have caused at least 2,700 deaths. Only 22 have been identified in Australia, with zero deaths.

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