Wednesday 16 October 2019

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha is almost totally made of screen

This modern cell phone is pretty amazing with a screen that wraps around the entire phone. It looks more futuristic than other phones.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix phones have always improved phone screens and forms. Curved edges are a nice design. Xiaomi takes phone designs to a new level with the Mi Mix Alpha.

This fantastic surround screen wraps completely around the device to the point where it meets the camera module on the other side. It looks visibly cool like a phone made completely out of screen.

Status icons like network signal, battery charge level and volume buttons are displayed on the side on the phone.

The Mix Alpha uses Samsung new 108 megapixel camera sensor, which was co-developed with Xiaomi.

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  1. Igor B News

    Translation: English to Chinese:

    小米的Mi Mix Alpha幾乎完全由屏幕製成

    這款現代手機的屏幕環繞整個手機,實在令人稱奇。 與其他手機相比,它看起來更具未來感。

    小米的Mi Mix手機始終改善了手機的屏幕和形式。 彎曲的邊緣是一個不錯的設計。 小米憑藉Mi Mix Alpha將手機設計提升到了一個新的高度。

    這個奇妙的環繞屏幕將設備完全包裹到與另一側的攝像頭模塊相交的位置。 它看起來酷極了,就像完全在屏幕外製作的手機一樣。


    Mix Alpha使用與小米共同開發的三星新型108百萬像素攝像頭傳感器。