Thursday 31 October 2019

Keystone pipeline closed after spilling over 1 million litres of oil in North Dakota

An estimated 1.4 million litres of oil have spilled from TC Energy Corp.'s Keystone crude pipeline in North Dakota, state authorities said on Thursday. This is a major leak at a time of increased regulatory scrutiny of oil pipeline expansions.

The cause of the rupture has not yet been disclosed.

The initial estimate makes it one of the biggest onshore crude spills in the past decade and the largest for Keystone, according to U.S. Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration (PHMSA) data.


  1. This is not the first spill on the Keystone system.

  2. The spill happened near Edinburg. Edinburg is a city in Walsh County, North Dakota, United States. The population is about 200 people. Edinburg was founded in 1887.

  3. The leak was discovered on Tuesday, Oct. 29. The leak is the pipeline’s second major spill in two years. A 2017 oil leak in South Dakota was discovered last year to have spilled more than 400,000 gallons of oil when the pipeline broke.

  4. The law about safety checks might have been interpreted liberally (in a way that is not precise or strictly literal; loosely). Safety checks need to be very strict for such matters.