Sunday 22 August 2021

USA recommending 3rd COVID-19 booster shot as Canada reviews data

Global News in Canada shows the fascinating stories.

Heart transplant recipient Mike Willis is one of few Canadians who have had three COVID-19 vaccines.

"I had zero antibodies from the first two shots of Moderna," Willis told Global News

Part of a Toronto based trial, it wasn’t until his booster shot, the 66 year-old didn’t have any protection at all. 

"With the Delta variant circulating, we need to make sure that everybody’s antibodies are at the level that they should be," says Dr. Deepak Kumar, a transplant infectious diseases specialist.

And partly why USA health officials have decided to recommend third doses of the Pfizer and Moderna to all Americans 18 and older, eight months after their second shot. 

Jamie Maraucher reports.

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