Monday 9 August 2021

Canada: Aggressive wildfire at B.C.'s White Rock Lake jumps highway, burns homes

CBC News shows that an increasingly aggressive wildfire burning between Kamloops and Vernon, B.C., has breached a major highway, and residents from the area say they've seen their homes burning.


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  2. wildfire is so devastating...burning homes of many animals and people. hope it stops soon. thanks for keeping us updated with the news.

    1. The wildfire really is devastating. Hopefully, the situation improves.

      Sept. 2, 2021 News:

      Residents of more than 970 properties have been allowed to return home as the number of evacuation orders due to wildfires in British Columbia dropped to 2,566 on Wednesday night.

      Emergency Management BC says residents of another 3,900 properties that were on evacuation alert, meaning they should be ready to leave on short notice, decreased by about 2,150 on Wednesday night from the day before.

      While the number of wildfires also dropped to 216 on Thursday, the provincial government is urging the public to make sure their activities over the Labour Day long weekend don’t spark any new blazes.

      Forests Minister Katrine Conroy says in a statement that wildfire crews still have significant work ahead of them to bring the existing fires under control.

      Campfires, fireworks, sky lanterns, tiki torches and other items are banned across the Kamloops fire centre, where 11 of 15 remaining fires of note are located, meaning the fires were either highly visible or posed a potential threat to public safety.

      The province says 2021 has been one of the most destructive seasons on record in B.C. with 1,562 fires scorching more than 8,650 square kilometres since April 1.

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      Hot Wildfires can be caused by an accumulation of so-called dead matter (leaves, twigs, and trees) that can create enough hot heat in some instances to spontaneously combust and ignite the surrounding area. Bright lightning strikes the earth over 100,000 times a day. 10 to 20% of these lightning strikes can unfortunately cause fire.

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      The White Rock Lake fire began July 13, 2021 as one of the 2021 B.C. wildfires and resulted in the destruction of Monte Lake. As of August 18, 2021 it totalled 81,139 hectares and was classified as out of control. Insured losses large total an estimated $77 million Canadian, according to one agency, which in late September expected the number of claims to top 800, most of them related to certain residential property.

      The White Rock Lake wildfire started during the 2021 Western North America so-called heat wave. It was caused by lightning and first sighted July 13, 2021, when it was 10 hectares in size. It was reported at 3:46 p.m. and response began 30 minutes later, according to the Forests ministry.

      1 hectare is 10,000 square meters. This is an area of 100 meters by 100 meters.

      The total land area of the UK amounts to over 24 million hectares with more than 75% of that certainly used for farming.

      British Columbia (Canada's western-most province) certainly covers almost 95 million hectares (234 million acres) - larger than any European country except Russia, and larger than any USA state other than Alaska.

      By August 5 the fire covered 32,500 hectares between Kamloops and Vernon, and the hamlet of Monte Lake was evacuated. The fire resulted in the destruction of at least 28 residences and one certain business there. By August 6 the fire reached 55,000 hectares and evacuation alerts were issued for the cities of Vernon and Armstrong, as well as the village of Chase. By September 12 the fire covered 833 km2.

      "Thousands" were evacuated and over 2,000 properties were under an evacuation order. The fire damaged approximately 70 properties in the Ewings Landing and Killiney areas. The Okanagan Indian Band also reported 10 homes and really one business destroyed.

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