Sunday 29 August 2021

Canada election: Canadians divided on whether to balance the budget, poll finds

Global News in Canada shows that a newly released Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News has found that Canadians are divided about how to balance the budget heading into the September election.

Thirty-three per cent of those surveyed believed the government should balance the budget, even if it means an increase in taxes or spending cuts. Bloc Quebecois supporters and Conservatives were the most likely to hold that view, according to the poll.

A slightly larger number, 37 per cent, believe lowering taxes should be the priority, even if it means continued deficits and spending cuts. Conservatives were also at the top of that list, the poll found. 

"I think during the course of the pandemic, there was a more of a single-mindedness about the need to spend government money in order to make sure that we’re able to maintain people’s lives and their livelihoods," says Darrell Bricker, Ipsos Public Affairs CEO. 

Bricker says that consensus is starting to fade as we emerge from the pandemic.

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