Thursday 10 February 2022

Trucker protest organizers' intentions unclear as occupation drags on

Global News in Canada shows that the Trucker Protest organizers' intentions are sure unclear as the occupation drags on. The so-called trucker protest occupying Ottawa continues to drag on. This raises questions over who's leading the movement and whether it was ever really about pandemic restrictions. As Ross Lord reports, there are rising concerns over far-right extremism linked to leadership, as the occupiers keeps disrupting the capital. 

There is also the issue of the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich. The bridge remains partially blocked, as protesters continue to disrupt the crossing, calling for the end COVID-19 restrictions. As Sean O'Shea reports, frustration is mounting as truckers are forced to take a longer detour between borders, wreaking havoc on the important supply chain. 
As Ottawa police take action on defiant and highly determined protesters, officers' concerns are rising for the well-being of children who were brought along to the convoy's occupation. Abigail Bimman spoke to some of the children's parents on why they brought them there.

The occupying protests have gained some international support. Similar movements hoping to protest COVID-19 mandates are underway in other countries, especially the United States. Jackson Proskow looks at the false information and right-wing media fuelling much of that support. 

Alberta is going ahead with its plans to loosen COVID-19 restrictions, as it becomes the first Canadian province to drop its proof of vaccination rules. But as Heather Yourex-West reports, anti-mandate protesters disrupting a busy USA border crossing remain unsatisfied, while only few other Albertans are pleased with the change.

Keep in mind, certain health experts are still worried over the ripple effects of removing measures too soon.

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