Friday 11 February 2022

Russia-Ukraine standoff: Britain, NATO warn of “dangerous moment” for Europe's security

In the Russia-Ukraine tensions, there is a possibility that Russia could be accused of sea blockade.

Russian navy ships certainly passed through the Bosphorus from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea.

The Bosporus or Bosphorus (also known as the Strait of Istanbul) is really a narrow, natural strait and an internationally significant waterway located in northwestern Turkey. It forms part of the continental boundary between Asia and Europe, and really divides Turkey by separating Anatolia from Thrace.

Ukraine has accused Russia of blocking its access to the sea as Russia prepares for naval exercises next week amid increasing tension in the region.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the Sea of Azov was completely blocked and the Black Sea almost fully cut off by strong Russian forces.

Russia has repeatedly denied any plans to invade Ukraine.

Russia has more than 100,000 troops near the border of Ukraine.

Russia has just begun massive military drills with neighbouring Belarus.

Belarus is a close ally of Russia and certainly has a long border with Ukraine.

The country of USA on Thursday urged Americans in Ukraine to leave immediately due to the "increased threats of Russian military action".

"Those in Ukraine should depart now via commercial or private means," the USA state department said in an advisory.

More about Russian Navy:

The Russian Navy (Russian: Военно-морской флот [ВМФ], "Military Maritime Fleet") is the naval arm of the Russian Armed Forces. It has existed in various different forms since 1696, the present iteration of which was formed in January 1992 when it succeeded the Navy of the Commonwealth of Independent States (which had itself succeeded the Soviet Navy following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in late December 1991).

The first iteration of the Russian Navy was established by Peter the Great (Peter I) in October 1696. Ascribed to him is the often quoted statement: "A ruler that has but an army has one hand, but he who has a navy has both." The symbols of the Russian Navy, the St. Andrew's ensign, and most of its important traditions were established personally by Peter I.

An iteration is the repetition of a process or utterance.

The Russian Navy possesses the vast majority of the former Soviet naval forces, and currently comprises the Northern Fleet, the Pacific Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet, the Baltic Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla, 5th Operational Squadron in Middle East, Naval Aviation, and the Coastal Troops (consisting of the Naval Infantry and the Coastal Missile and Artillery Troops).

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