Thursday 24 December 2020

COVID-19 Surge Hits South Korea And Japan After They Had Contained The Virus

The USA is certainly not the only country in the big fight against the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. New bigger waves of the virus are happening in various countries. Certain parts of Asia, where the virus first hit and which were the first to emerge from lockdowns, are now experiencing alarming new spikes. 

Watch how the COVID-19 Surge Hits South Korea And Japan After They Had Initially Contained The Virus.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Cases Overview:


Total cases: 79.3M
Recovered: 44.6M
Deaths: 1.74M


Total cases: 207K
Recovered: 172K
Deaths: 2,941

South Korea:

Total cases: 53,533
Recovered: 37,425
Deaths: 756

When the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic began early in 2020, experts wondered if there would be waves of cases. "Waves" are a pattern often seen in other virus pandemics. It certainly seems that some locations that saw a high number of coronavirus infections early on, followed by a decline, are having a "second wave" of increased cases of Coronavirus Covid-19.

Be careful - a 2nd wave of COVID-19 could be more dangerous than it looks. However, lessons from the 1st wave help us make the right decisions.

Some experts think that people didn't quite do enough to prevent a second wave. Some experts are also thinking about how to prevent a possible third wave.

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