Saturday 26 December 2020

Coronavirus: Why is Ontario going into lockdown after Christmas and not before?

Global News thinks about whether it was a really good idea for the Ontario lockdown to happen before or after Christmas. There are dangerous fears that hospitals could be overwhelmed due to expected surge in Coronavirus COVID-19 cases. (Province of Canada) Ontario is heading into a serious province-wide lockdown on Dec. 26.

Some experts and doctors seem to be criticizing the Ford's government important decision not to impose the lockdown before Christmas, with the Ontario province reporting nearly 2,500 Coronavirus cases Thursday.

Christmas gatherings certainly have to be reduced with people being encouraged to stay home as much as possible. People are being encouraged to distance themselves from others, as much as possible.

The Ontario-wide lockdown for Coronavirus COVID-19 is certainly now in effect. While Toronto, Peel Region, York Region, and other areas are already under serious lockdown, the province-wide order takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 26.

The lockdown closes many businesses, such as: gyms, movie theatres and many other types of indoor businesses.

Essential places stay open, such as: grocery stores and pharmacies. However, they are staying open with certain capacity restrictions.

Stores and restaurants will be allowed to offer curbside pickup and delivery.

Capacity restrictions will become 25% per room at discount and big box retailers that sell food and are allowed to be open.

People are being encouraged to wear face masks or face coverings.

Hospitals in Ontario have prepared for possible surges in capacity in anticipation of an influx of Coronavirus COVID-19 patients.

See a full list of the Ontario lockdown restrictions here:

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