Tuesday 15 December 2020

COVID-19 infections surge in Russia

DW News shows rural areas in Russia. Records for the number of new coronavirus infections and deaths are broken almost daily. The Kremlin maintains it has the situation under control.

Check Russia news updates about the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Sputnik V: What to know about the Russian vaccine, in 500 words
The Russian-made vaccine is 91.4 percent effective and priced at about $20.

Russia has certainly begun its official mass vaccination programme against Coronavirus COVID-19, using the country’s Sputnik V vaccine. The Scientist behind Sputnik V vaccine defends Russian strategy. Russia says Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine is 92 percent effective. Russia says that India is to produce 100 million doses of Sputnik vaccine.

(Named after the Soviet satellite that triggered the space race), Sputnik V has been used to inoculate 200,000 people considered at risk across Russia to date.

It was really first registered for emergency use in August, making Russia the first country in the world to approve a vaccine for widespread public use.

The Sputnik V vaccine is delivered in two shots, administered 21 days apart and in liquid form. It must be stored at minus 18 degrees Celsius (minus 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) or below.

However, a freeze-dried version can be stored at normal fridge temperatures of 2-8C (36-46F), according to the Gamaleya Institute.

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