Friday 22 November 2019

Funny: Best Bike Fails

Many interesting bike fails here. I know these people tried hard to stay on their bikes. The crashes are unfortunate. Don't give up and try again. It's amazing the risk riders take to pull off a cool stunt. Some always get up and try again until they accomplish their goal. Much respect and thanks for the entertainment.


  1. Bike fails could be funny, but sometimes they become very painful. Here are some tips about how to fall off a bike and not get extremely hurt.

    When they feel that they will fall, some people try to let go off the handlebars and brace for the fall with their hands. Remember, a fall on an outstretched hand is common way to break your bones. You could break your hand, wrist, clavicle and elbow. You could try to keep your hands on the bars or close to your body. Try to protect your face and chest. You could roll with the impact. Spread the forces of the impact on a larger surface area – reduce your chances of fractures.

    If you’re falling to the side, it’s best to turn the front of your body away from the road. Absorb the impact with the back of your body. Keep your chin tucked to your chest to avoid head trauma. Try to avoid concussions. Don’t tense up before falling. Use your legs to help you fall the right way. Pick a good landing spot.

    You could try to practise falling. Parkour athletes know how to fall very well. Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training.

  2. Some people have dangerous careers as stuntmen. They would ride bicycles are crazy speeds. They are lucky to get away with minor injuries. You should check these out, as well. Top 10 best worst mountain bike crashes of all time -

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