Tuesday 21 November 2023

Boeing 787 becomes largest passenger aircraft to land on Antarctic ice field

CTV News on Youtube has the story.

A Boeing 787 aircraft carrying researchers and supplies successfully landed in a remote part of Antarctica, becoming the largest passenger aircraft to do so, the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) said on Thursday, November 16.

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  1. This plane was definitely specially designed. Not sure if it used special tires, but the following planes can land ( and some use skis ).

    There are a few types of planes that are capable of landing on the continent Antarctica. These include:

    Twin Otter: This is a versatile and rugged aircraft that is often used for research and exploration in Antarctica. It is able to take off and land on skis, which allows it to operate on snow and ice.

    Basler BT-67: This is a modified DC-3 aircraft that has been designed specifically for use in Antarctica. It is equipped with larger engines and skis, which allow it to take off and land on snow and ice.

    C-130 Hercules: This is a military transport aircraft that is also capable of landing on snow and ice. It is often used to transport personnel and supplies to Antarctica.

    The landing task requires skilled pilots and specialized equipment.