Thursday 21 July 2022

Over 50% of Canadians concerned about long-term effects of multiple COVID vaccine boosters: poll

Global News on Youtube shows the exciting story.

While a majority of Canadians remain supportive of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to better protect themselves from the virus, 53 per cent of those surveyed are concerned about the long-term effects of taking multiple booster shots, and how many they’ll have to take in the future.

The Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News found 66 per cent of those surveyed said they would take a booster shot without hesitation, and three-quarters agreed that boosters reduce the risk of hospitalization.

 Yet just 49 per cent of the population has actually received an additional dose after completing their initial two-dose series, according to federal data - a rate that has remained stable for several weeks.

"It’s starting to look more like what people think about flu shots, as opposed to something that is a protection against something that could be really, really urgently deadly. So it’s becoming part of what people see as, I’m afraid to say, almost like (a part of) normal life," said Ipsos Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker.

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