Sunday 22 May 2022

Canada's COVID-19 travel restrictions: doctor says time to re-examine

Global News Channel on Youtube shows that excessively long line-ups and delays continue to plague many airports across Canada, especially at Toronto's Pearson Airport. COVID-19 measures like random testing and health questions are just one of the reasons. But do we still need them?

Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti says at this phase of the pandemic, the measures are not medically useful - with the vast majority of Canadians vaccinated and the others "largely immune" from exposure, and it's time to re-examine and "scrap a lot of this theatre."

"I don't think we're actually doing anything that's medically useful, and it's obviously causing a lot of delay in travel, making travel very difficult."

On the vaccine mandate for travel at this point in the pandemic, Chakrabarti called it discriminatory:

"You're basically now just keeping people who are unable to get or who don't want to get vaccinated or are unable to get vaccinated off a plane for no good medical reason...I think it's time to now drop that mandate and allow people who haven't gotten the vaccine to now board planes and trains to be able to go see their loved ones."

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