Sunday 4 July 2021

Across western Canada: More than 150 wildfires rage

DW News shows that military aircraft have been mobilized to help evacuate towns and fight more than 130 wildfires tearing across western Canada. Lightning strikes triggered by a record-breaking heat wave sparked the fires. Rescuers are now searching for missing people in Lytton, British Columbia. Roughly 1,000 people fled the town, which was almost entirely wiped out by fire.

Residents had moments to flee before the fire claimed their homes. 2 people are so far believed to have died. This comes as a record breaking heatwave sweeps through Canada and the north west of the USA. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the heatwave shows there must be a continued commitment to reducing emissions and showing leadership on climate change and global warming.

The fire front in Lytton moved quickly. Residents had almost no warning before their town was engulfed in flames.

The blaze ignited a day after the town sweltered through almost 50 degrees Celsius - breaking Canada's temperature record.

Emergency workers are searching for missing residents, as the smoldering town remains unsafe to enter. The unprecedented heat wave and wildfires have certainly damaged parts of Canada.

More than 100 fires are still burning across western Canada, threatening other towns. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has convened an emergency response group, and promises to help communities recover.

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