Friday 16 June 2023

Young Canadians facing consequences of rising household debt

Global News has the story.

In tonight's top story: Canada's ratio of household debt to disposable income rose to nearly 185 per cent in the first quarter of the year, according to Statistics Canada. Eric Sorensen explains the impact this is having on Canadians already struggling to pay their bills and how it's shutting younger generations out of homeownership.
The Canadian news media landscape has shrunk again, with Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) Inc. eliminating the jobs of 1,300 people, including some veteran CTV News journalists. The company is also shuttering six radio stations and selling off three others. Touria Izri reports on the cuts, the reason for them, the reaction and the crushing blow to Canadian journalism.
Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre wants Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino to step down over the way Mendicino and his office handled information about the transfer of serial rapist and murderer Paul Bernardo to a medium-security prison. David Akin tells us of the new information sparking Poilievre's demand, Mendicino's response and the concerns from the families of Bernardo's victims.
Plus, there is outrage in Kelowna, B.C., after a couple allegedly harassed a nine-year-old girl and her parents in a transphobic tirade at a school track meet. Neetu Garcha reports on the school district's investigation and what experts say is fuelling bigotry.
And, when you think of fruit and vegetable gardens, you probably imagine tilled, tidy rows without weeds. But land was cultivated differently for centuries before colonization. Melissa Ridgen tells us about how some Indigenous people in Winnipeg are now using traditional methods of gardening to nourish both bodies and souls.

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