Wednesday 2 June 2021

Canada: Could "Delta" COVID-19 variant put pause on provincial reopening plans?

Global News shows that as COVID-19  vaccination rollouts and reopening plans continue around the world, experts are monitoring the progress of the strain now dubbed "Delta." 

First detected in India, scientists say it’s spreading and taking over as the dominant variant.

As Global News health reporter Jamie Mauracher explains, here at home, there is hope we can control it, avoiding a potential fourth wave.


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    1. I'm glad it answers your question. Good luck.

      Beware of the so-called "Delta virus variant."

      The COVID-19 pandemic has emerging variants of the virus, and at the moment, there's no question which one is "winning": the Delta variant (formally known as B.1.617.2) one of four strains to have emerged originally in India.