Wednesday 10 May 2023

James Webb Telescope just thrilled Scientists' minds - "Big Bang Theory is Wrong"

GREAT SPACEX on YouTube has the story.

James Webb Telescope just thrilled Scientists mind "The Big Bang theory is WRONG"

The field of astronomy is buzzing with excitement due to new images captured by the Webb Telescope.

Yeah, after several delays, the James Webb Space Telescope is an outstanding scientific tool that is helping scientists understand more about the universe than was ever possible before with other observatories. But now, it seems like it is also putting astronomers in an unsettling predicament - they will have to question the very fundamentals of what they know about cosmology.

Indeed, astronomers were left reeling after recent images revealed a mind-boggling discovery:

A colossal galaxy, dwarfing even our Milky Way, and a pint-sized galaxy, deemed too tiny to exist, were found to coexist in the early universe!

This is how James Webb Telescope just proved that "The Big Bang theory is WRONG".

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