Wednesday 10 May 2023

Elon Musk's mastermind in developing SpaceX's Monster rocket "Falcon Heavy"

GREAT SPACEX on YouTube has the story.

The Real Reason SpaceX Developed The Falcon Heavy Rocket!

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, while not necessarily the most historically significant, largest, or most powerful rocket ever made, is undeniably still the epitome of cool.

From launch to landing, the Falcon Heavy is a sight to behold and a true spectacle of science and engineering in action.

However, in recent years, Musk's vision focused more on Starship, the rocket SpaceX plans to use to transport up to 100 people or deliver 100 tons of cargo to Mars.

Starship's development is part of the reason why SpaceX decided not to pursue a "human rating" for Falcon Heavy.

Eventually, SpaceX's  fully-reusable next-gen heavy lift vehicle is going to replace both the Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9. But even as SpaceX's development accelerates on the Starship project, there are multiple applications for Falcon Heavy in the years ahead.

If you've already had a vehicle developed, the question is how many additional features would it take to keep that as a part of their product offering, if you will. That could contribute to their bottom line, even if it's not a part of their long-term strategy.

So, this is everything you need to know about this particular monster. More importantly, the real reason behind its development will definitely astonish you.

So see the great episode of Great SpaceX:
Elon Musk's mastermind in developing SpaceX's Monster rocket "Falcon Heavy"

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